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Franchise Opportunity

Eckerds Pharmacy is offering franchise opportunities throughout the United States. Eckerds is a trusted and established name and will provide a positive impression and recognition to your business.
Eckerds is owned by independent pharmacists who understand how this business works. Owners of Eckerds have experience in successfully operating and running retail community pharmacies for over 15 year
It takes a deep knowledge of pharmacy operations and skill in negotiating contracts to develop a successful franchise. Eckerds will help you in doing just that.
The pharmacy marketplace is getting crowded, and competition is getting more aggressive every day with chain stores and mail order pharmacies. PBM’s are treating small independent pharmacies poorly and constantly chip away and erode the bottom line.
Eckerds will let you keep your own independent business practices financially, but will present you in the market as a chain store. It will create a positive relationship with patients and providers too.
Eckerds will help you earn competitive reimbursements as well as help you purchase goods at better discounted rates than you would get independently.

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Eckerds franchise will deliver on its promise and will create an excellent business partnership. We will help every step of the way to develop a brand new franchisee store or to convert your existing pharmacy to the Eckerds brand. Contact us now to discuss in more detail how we can help grow your business by joining the Eckerds team.