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Eckerds Pharmacy is proud to offer variety of specialty compounding

Eckerds Pharmacy is proud to offer variety of specialty compounding products to customers with needs. Our compounding pharmacists are highly qualified and trained in area of pharmaceutical compounding.
In addition to these categories listed, we can evaluate your special needs and your doctor’s recommendations to create and design customized formulation just for you. We can convert any pharmaceutical dosage form in to another compatible dosage form of patient’s choice.
We prepare Capsules, Lozenges, Troches, Creams, Ointments, Solutions, Lotions, Suspensions, Elixirs, Ear Drops, Lollipops and more.

Compounding is an art and we specialize in it

This art is as old as the profession of pharmacy. In old times pharmacists compounded medicines for patients each time patient needed prescription filled.
There were no pharmaceutical bulk manufacturing places at that time. Compounding dates back to ancient roman times in Europe and over 1000 years BC in ancient Asian cultures.

Manufactured pharmaceuticals are made as 1 size fits all. This may not be true for many of you. If that is the case, talk to us and inquire about how compounding can provide customized care just for you.

Here the list of 20 most popular compound preparations that Eckerds have served.

BIEST (Estriol + Estradiol) Cream
Testosterone Cream
Progesterone Capsules
Sildenafil (VIAGRA equivalent) Troches
Tadalafil (CIALIS equivalent) Troches
Progesterone/Estrogen Cream
Tetracaine/Lidocain Lozenges
Dexamethasone Nasal Spray
Fluorourasil Lotion
Boric Acid Vaginal Caps
Female Viagra Cream
VancoMycin Suspension
Triple Fissure Hemorrhoid Cream
Diazepam Suppositories
Keto/Gaba/Lido/Ami Pain Cream
Ketamine Cream
Sumatriptan/Lido Migraine Cream
Nail Fungus Compound
Weight Loss Capsules (Acarb+Met+Phen)
Thyroid Replacement Capsules